Download Armello Game For Pc Torrent


Download Armello Game For Pc Torrent

Armello game was released back in 2015 and it combines three genres at once: role-playing game, card game and strategy. The main goal of the player is to capture the palace and become the King of Armello. To do this, you have to make plans, complete quests, explore the territory, Destroy monsters using magic and compete with other players. There is a lot of danger here that will prevent your plans from coming true.

 Although many probably already know about all this, since the game is no longer new. But we hasten to please you right away that the same game is presented on this page, but in a new version and with new additions: Armello Original Soundtrack - Wyld's Call and Armello Game - The Usurpers Hero Pack. These additions expand the game with new content, new heroes and quests. So you came to this page for a reason. And to start the game

Armello Game Features

The game is easy to learn, but not everyone can play it masterfully. The game is mostly intuitive. The game mechanisms are simple, but at the same time you have the scope and depth of strategic actions. For beginners, a training mode is available.

The game is dynamic and deep at the same time. You will dynamically go through quests, but all this is accompanied by complex and deep strategic moves.

Any of 8 heroes is available to you. Each of them has its own unique skills and individual character. You can dress the hero in amulets and rings to defeat opponents.

The game world is alive. It changes with the start of each new game. The game also has a system of dynamic building generation, which makes your every game unique.

Armello Game has a system of changing day and night. You can perform actions while the opponent makes a move. You can use cards. And during your turn, you can move around the six-sided cells.

Musicians known all over the world worked on the musical accompaniment: Michael Allen, Lisa Gerrard and Jacek Tuszewski.

Interestingly, the cards in the game are not static, but animated. They were drawn by the best artists and animators from around the world.

The game is very similar to the board game. All the best from the world of board games is collected here. Even the dice roll simulation system was designed specifically for this game.

On this page, by clicking the button below, you can download Armello Game via torrent for free.


Kickstarter Backer Armellian

Kickstarter Backer Listener

Kickstarter Backer Scribe

Kickstarter Backer Bandit

Kickstarter Backer Guppy

Kickstarter Backer Artisan

Kickstarter Backer Gamer

Kickstarter Backer Guardian

Kickstarter Backer Hero

Armello Original Soundtrack - Wyld's Call

Armello - Usurpers Hero Pack

Armello - Seasons Board Skins Pack

Armello - The Bandit Clan

Armello - The Dragon Clan

Download Armello Game For Pc Torrent

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