Download Evil Genius 2 Game For Pc Torrent


Download Evil Genius 2 Game For Pc Torrent

Do you want to become the leader of the entire universe? Then, together with your hero of the second version of an exciting strategy, you need to correctly give orders to your wards, who in different countries of the world will look for necessary and useful information, steal weapons, undermine the authority of state leaders. That is, you can again become a villain who must fulfill his goal - to subjugate the whole world. As the game progresses, you will keep in touch with your supporters.


Your main character has successfully settled down in a bunker on a remote island and it is from there that he gives orders to his minions. 

They, in turn, must follow your instructions. Steal secret military information and weapons, influence high-ranking officials to come over to your side, do everything possible to conquer one country after another. 

The game has a political background, there are elements of irony and sarcasm. So you need to try hard to successfully complete the mission and become the leader of the whole world. You need to act carefully, the main thing is that you are not tracked down.

Game mechanics

Events in the game are randomly generated. Each new level of the game is a new task that you can complete yourself while in the shelter, or give an order and your servants will immediately begin their duties in different parts of the globe.

 In the game Evil Genius 2, the torrent of which can be downloaded for free on our website, you can see game models from different countries and cities of the world. Determine the right tactics for yourself, and direct the actions of your assistants from a remote island. Make country leaders work for you.


One of the main components in the game is the theft of information in different countries of the world. For such deeds you will receive new bonuses. Being a villain is not so easy, and to conquer the whole world, you will have to work hard in the game. The world will be at your feet!

Features of Evil Genius 2 Game

Missions. To complete a new mission, you must work well with your team members. They need to get as much important information as possible.

Country leaders. You will be able to lure the heads of countries to your side with cunning tricks. For such actions in the game, you, of course, will be in the black. Get important game points.

Graphic arts. For such a strategy, the graphics are quite acceptable, and also the wonderful musical design of the game. So enjoy the process, and keep a close eye on your subordinates.

On this page, by clicking the button below, you can download Evil Genius 2 Game via torrent for free.


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Download Evil Genius 2 Game For Pc Torrent

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