Download Patron Game For Pc Torrent


Download Patron Game For Pc Torrent

Patron Game - city builder combines classic elements with city building simulator and survival strategy. It has a disjointed tech tree and also brings a lot of social dynamism to the game and the entire genre.

 Happiness is a well-known indicator of such games, in the world of Patron it becomes a full-fledged gameplay. Usually the game here is not so difficult. First, you have a small settlement at your disposal, then you need to start developing, learn how to extract various resources, build buildings, expand the territory of the city and build entire production chains and do everything possible. so the city gets bigger. 

The beginning of the game is completely normal for this genre of game, but then the defender player must immerse himself in the social intricacies and learn how to manage society, and not just a city with a weak will of robots.

 Patron Game download torrent from us you can follow the links below. Each inhabitant has their own needs, desires and problems, which makes them restless or happy. Some deal with immigration issues, others with taxes.

 If the opinion of the resident on this matter coincides with the opinion of the city council (that is, you, the player), he is happy. It also works differently.

To build houses, farms, factories, factories and dozens of other facilities needed to develop natural resources to fully exploit the potential of the new land. It is worth noting that the authors provided adequate tools to solve all the tasks. For most features and nuances, we recommend acting wisely. 

Visually, everything looks good. This game has style and unique atmosphere. Strategic experience and skills as a builder are important not only in politics and diplomatic talent. Each decision about the reader provokes a reaction from different social groups.

 You will need the talent of a true politician to deal with sensitive issues such as religion, immigration, religiosity, poverty, etc. And after many years, your actions may lead to unexpected consequences. 

Patron city builder download torrent latest version you can right now. It is also important to complete certain tasks on time and manage tenants effectively. 

You need to prepare in advance and adapt to weather conditions such as severe weather or seasonal conditions.

 Also, the world is constantly changing and you need to make sure you are moving at the right pace. Only through constant progress and research will your community stand the test of time. No matter what you do, force majeure will not be removed. If something unexpected happens, the townspeople count on protection and help. such as severe weather or seasonal conditions.

Patron Game Features

City building survival simulator with unique social model.

Gather and produce resources.

Create sustainable production chains.

Make your village a prosperous city.

Manage the inhabitants and motivate them to engage in the necessary professions.

Tackle pressing social issues: class struggle, immigration, religion, health, security, loyalty...

Plan your growth with a detailed technology tree and access additional features, technologies and upgrades.

Plan production and foreign trade to support the economy in difficult times.

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Download Patron Game For Pc Torrent

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