Download Peglin Game For Pc Torrent


Download Peglin Game For Pc Torrent

Peglin is a unique roguelike turn-based game where you have to fight enemies with special bullets and conquer areas to damage your opponent. 

The dragons killed the peglins and stole their gold. It's enough. It's time to go into the forest, take the fortress and break into the heart of the Dragon camp, reclaim what is yours and teach these dragons a lesson.

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Peglin plays like a combination of Peggle and slay The Spire. Enemies are strong and if you win your race is over, but you have powerful special effect orbs and incredible relics that affect both your enemies and the physics with which you can defeat them. 

In your entire adult life, you have seen dragons steal Peglin thieves and pillage colonies. They grew up, trained and came up with a plan for revenge. Now the time has come. They are ready to infiltrate the mysterious fortress, the heart of the Dragons' camp, and take everything that belongs to their people.

 The game here is based on the mechanics of the "patinco" slot machine. This is also the place where all based balls are performed on the playing field, destroying the balls and collecting points. At the same time, trigger balls have various effects, which in turn affect physics,

Along the way, you will meet the most dangerous enemies. To fight them, you need to develop your own effective strategy. Keep relics and magic items that will help stop the battle in your path. Your opponent can be very strong, so one mistake will lead to the end of your path.

 The game must start over. Here you can show all your tactical abilities and show what your brain is capable of. As they pass, the user receives magic balls. In general, you need to choose between two or three magic orbs that grant passive abilities and active abilities. In the meantime, you have to download Peglin Game torrent.

 The materials found will be used to make a critical effect elixir, upgrade bombs or platforms. Consumables can be found in chests or hidden places.

Peglin Features

Collect and upgrade powerful orbs and relics to defeat the monsters and bosses that stand in your way.

Fight opponents in pachinko style - hit more sticks to deal more damage. Use critical potions, upgrade potions and bombs wisely.

Every time you explore the New Forest, you will encounter various orbs, enemies and surprises along the way.

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Download Peglin Game For Pc Torrent

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