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Download Raft Game For Pc Torrent

This is an unusual simulator, this is a survival simulator, because you, as a player, will find yourself in the open spaces of the ocean, and your main assistant is a hook that will catch various items from the bottom that you must use to modify your swimming craft. What to do when you find yourself in the middle of the ocean on a small piece of wood. What do we have to do? Create a raft with which you can get out of various situations.

 Here you need to craft as much as possible in order to get yourself a lot of valuable and useful items.

 In the game Raft, which you can always download torrent for free, you will drift across the boundless ocean, constantly exploring the depths in order to fish out many interesting objects there.

The plot of the game

You enter the sea. Your main weapon for survival is a long hook with which you can pick up the most useful items from the depths of the sea. Initially, you are floating on a small plank. 

But from it you must build a real raft, on which you will continue to drift across the sea. Your crafted raft can be upgraded as the game progresses.

 You can grow palm trees and other tropical plants on the raft. And it will even be possible to plant unusual characters that you will find on your game path. When you catch marine debris in the game, be vigilant, because the most dangerous marine predators - sharks, can prevent you from passing through the stages of the game. Sharks are very aggressive.

Raft Game Process

Your main weapon is the hook, you can use it in different ways. It will be possible to catch objects from the bottom of the ocean with the help of such a device. But if suddenly there is a dangerous situation, then it will be possible to destroy the most dangerous deep predators with the help of such a means. Your little raft will gradually turn into an excellent swimming tool, but it needs constant care.

 More items found - more points and opportunities to transform your drifting raft. 

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. By holding the left mouse button, you, as a player, can quickly collect the items and objects you need from the bottom. While sailing on a raft, you will still meet not only underwater bloodthirsty representatives of the fauna, you can also come across pirates. 

But you still need to keep your built raft, it needs to be upgraded. Board after board - and then you will get a reliable wooden raft for yourself.

Game novelty

This simulator differs from similar games with new unique features. For example, you can use hints several times during the game. They will be displayed on the screen. You can also use the hook to get to the very bottom of the ocean. And there will be even more useful items.

 It is best to start the game from the very beginning level. It will be easier.

 And then, by developing your main game object, you can move on to more complex game levels.

 Your raft will drift, collecting valuable artifacts. But you need to learn how to use the gaff. The more game points you collect during the game, the more perfect your main game weapon will become. You can't do it without a hook. So swim on the sea surface, not forgetting about searching for items from the bottom of the ocean! Good luck swimmer!

Raft Game features

Build yourself a real raft. From a piece of wood, you must create a real floating craft. You will have to look not only for items, but also for weapons. Your hook, originally given to you in the game, you will use. But here other defensive means are still needed.

In the middle of the ocean You are drifting on your raft, the sea surface is in front of you, you use your hook to get as many valuable items as possible. And then suddenly a shark can attack you. So use all the items you find for various purposes.

We survive and win. You are not just drifting on the ocean surface, you must look for provisions and food for yourself in order to survive in difficult conditions. Look for coconuts, climb palm trees, install as many plants as possible on your raft.

Tactics and game strategy. You must learn all the gameplay in order to create a real watercraft. You will have a piece of wood first, and you already try to turn a piece of wood into a real raft. These are the interesting moments of the Raft game, you can download the full version of the torrent directly from our website - and it's fast and easy.

We catch items. Your main weapon, which we have already mentioned in the game, is a hook with which you can fish out as many items as possible from the bottom of the ocean. You can improve such a gaff. Earn more bonuses, and then your in-game weapon will be able to fish out even more new items from the bottom.

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Download Raft Game For Pc Torrent

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