Download Tails of Iron Game For Pc Torrent


Download Tails of Iron Game For Pc Torrent

Tails of Iron Game is an action-adventure RPG with hand-drawn graphics and uncompromising combat set in a dark, war-torn world. As Reggie, heir to the Rat Throne, you must save your kingdom and drive out the warlike frog clan, led by the ferocious Green Warthog.

 You will also need to choose the equipment that the Rat Prince will use. Depending on the weight of the armor, the fighting style will also change. heavy armor is powerful and can withstand a lot of damage, but light armor will allow you to maneuver better on the battlefield. 

And in Tails of Iron you will find a huge number of recipes that will allow you to replenish energy and become stronger, a lot of crafting schemes for items such as weapons and armor, blueprints that are not so easy to find. secrets, hidden content and puzzles.

Wandering through a deceptively cozy fairy-tale world, you will meet colorful characters who are ready to support you on this journey.

 And you will definitely need help, whether it be recipes for new dishes, blueprints for weapons and armor - or even an armored mole car! The gameplay does not require haste and allows you to fully enjoy everything that the user can watch on the screen. For example, you can go to a tavern and spend time talking to external heroes or interacting with objects. So, for example, to maintain progress, you must sit on a designated bench. Even after fighting hordes of enemies, you can spend time in the current location, exploring all available points. This is important as some locations may contain secrets with extra gold or items.

 In addition to the main story, there are also side quests. With their help, you can not only better discover the local world, but also make good money.

 As for the combat system, it requires calculation and control over every action of the enemy. It's especially important to keep an eye on this during boss fights because their stats are much higher than Reggie's. Get over your fears. Save your brothers. Take back your kingdom. But first of all, hurry up and download Tails of Iron Game torrent on PC.

Danger lurks behind every toadstool in these parts, so keep your ears open and sharpen your blade so the next boss doesn't take you by surprise. Taking on each of these cold-blooded amphibian giants, cold-blooded in every sense of the word, is a unique challenge, and a solid set of armor is just a small part of what you'll need to win. Prepare dishes, forge weapons, create armor.

 And don't forget to download the Tails of Iron torrent.

 Reggie's fortress is also home to his brothers: Rem-Rem, Bam-Bam and Dugu. Rem can use the ingredients you get from your travels to prepare a meal that will boost your health. Bam knows how to create new weapons and armor: you just need to bring him the appropriate blueprints. Well, Doug will tell you about the new tasks available in different regions of the kingdom.

Tails of Iron features

An uncompromising combat system inspired by the Dark Souls series and other titles in the genre. You have to master throws, parries and powerful finishing moves!

A realm full of threats with six natural zones, each with its own secret paths and secrets.

Captivating storytelling with an narrator speaking in the deep husky voice of the legendary Doug Cockle.

Tactical Space: Customize your fighting style to suit any situation with a vast arsenal of weapons and armor.

A detachment of brave comrades, ready to support you in any ass.

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Download Tails of Iron Game For Pc Torrent

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