Download Age of Empires 3 Game For Pc Torrent



Download Age of Empires 3 Game For Pc Torrent

Another new historical strategy, where you, as a player, imagine to control the power of Europe. Choose one of several dozen European countries and become a real commander who can bring your territory to prosperity. 

The Age of Empires 3 game, which you can download for free on our new games site, is full of incredible game episodes. First of all, you must form your army, then you can attack other European powers. Each power has its own unique capabilities and abilities. 

Therefore, you need to study at the very beginning of the game each state, its territories, so that later you can quickly attack the enemy with minimal losses. In this version you will be able to besiege enemy territories. 

To do this, you need to improve your military units as well as military equipment as much as possible. Crusades, legionnaires, foot soldiers – all this can be seen in this exciting game.


The whole game is conditionally divided into some historical episodes. Each game episode corresponds to a certain period of time. You must initially master your military garrison. Build up your playing area with defensive structures as much as possible so that the enemy cannot approach your sector.

 During the game, you will also be able to move to the territory of North America, where you have to fight with real Indian tribes. The more enemy troops you can destroy, the more game points you can accumulate to upgrade your military units. But basically all the events of the game will take place in Europe. Britain, Portugal, the Roman Empire – such powerful powers you can take control of. 

In the next chapter of the game, you will be transported back to the territory of North America and will confront the Mexican aggressors. This is where you need to work a little, as your opponents have a powerful arsenal of weapons. All your successfully completed operations will be displayed on the game map. And you will be able to see how the possessions of your chosen state will expand.

Game mechanics

Each state in the game has its own unique military units, which you as a player will have to constantly develop. During the game, you must create as many fortifications as possible. You will be attacked by troops from different European countries. Learning the tactics of the enemy is the key to the success of such an incredibly large-scale game.

 You can download Age of Empires 3 via torrent for free from our game server. So become the head of a super power and start your historical campaign to foreign lands.


Be sure to be guided by the game map, on which you can see your opponents. The game also has the ability to change your European state. In general, you can enjoy three colorful and large-scale episodes of this exciting game. So good luck to you, strategist!

Age of Empires 3 features

Artificial intelligence. It will be difficult to play against the computer, but you also need to choose a difficulty level. First choose the easiest level to learn the habits of your enemy.

Powers. More than a dozen powers are represented in this version. Carefully study all the features of each country.

Scale. In the game you will see global and unique battles. Each successful battle will bring you good game dividends as a player.

Graphic arts. The graphical components of the game are amazing, given the updated physics game engine.

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