Download Diablo III: Eternal Collection Torrent [Switch]


Released : November 2018

Genre : Role-Playing, Action

Developer : Blizzard

Publisher : Blizzard Entertainment Inc.

Image format : NSP

Game version :

Interface language : Russian, English [RUS / ENG / Multi 10]

Voice acting : Russian / or American English / or British English

Performance tested : Yes (on 14.1.0, Atmosphere 1.3.1)

Multiplayer : up to 4 players

Age rating : 18+

Description : Evil in all its glory

Two decades have passed since the great incarnations of evil were expelled from Sanctuary. Now you have to return to where it all began – to Tristram. There you will learn the truth about the fallen star, the appearance of which heralds the new coming of evil and the coming of the last days.

Fight for Sanctuary! And feel the boundless power.

Shake the ground, unleash fire and ice on your enemies, summon minions from the underworld, and terrify your opponents with your hero’s devastating abilities. The One Evil fights in the gloomy fetters of the black stone of the soul, seeking freedom and vengeance. The sinister artifact was supposed to be hidden forever, but the angel of death Malthael appears in the world of Sanctuary, pursuing a terrible goal – to steal the black soul stone and bend its diabolical power to his will. This is the beginning of the end of everything…

Five slots for new heroes (there are only three in the standard version of the expansion) and special in-game items that will help you in the fight against Death itself.

Shake the ground with mighty blows, sweep enemies with fire and ice magic, summon servants from another world: your hero is born for power!

Diablo III: Eternal Collection is the complete collection of Diablo III content and includes the game itself, the Reaper of Souls expansion, and the Rise of the Necromancer bundle. Stun your opponents with your war cry, incinerate them with lightning and flames, or master the secrets of life and death in the fight for the future of Sanctuary!


Download Diablo III: Eternal Collection Torrent [Switch]




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