Download Dwerve Game For Pc Torrent



Download Dwerve Game For Pc Torrent

Dwerve Game is a tower defense game with RPG elements. You need to manage a dwarf who rebuilds protective turrets in the dungeons and clears the territory from a horde of rats and trolls. The task of the dwarf is to find the lost knowledge of the ancient warsmiths. Once they were skilled engineers and could build any powerful structure.

It is necessary to resist the Queen of Witches – Evil Vandra. She unleashes a huge number of henchmen and the only way to deal with them is to place many traps and catapults around the territory. During their attack, it is required to develop a strategy and change the location of weapons depending on the situation.

As you progress, the story of gnomes and trolls will be revealed, as well as the storylines of some characters. Various puzzles will provide access to new equipment and weapons. The locations contain treasure chests that can store potions, weapons, armor and other useful items. you can also collect resources and equipment from defeated opponents.

In total, Dwerve Game has:

15 types of defensive towers and turrets with unique upgrade branches suitable for different playstyles;

different types of powerful artifacts that give abilities: a shield that blocks arrows, protective boots, a returning boomerang, a hammer that shakes the ground, etc.;

30 dungeons in 5 different biomes, keeping their secrets and mysteries.

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