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Download Farthest Frontier Game For Pc Torrent

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Farthest Frontier – city-building simulator about the Middle Ages. Protect and lead a small group of settlers to create a desert city on the edge of the known world. Gather resources, hunt, fish and farm to support your growing city. Craft items for villagers to trade, consume, equip, and fight to survive against the elements and outside threats (pacifist mode is available for players who don’t want to be in combat). You have the opportunity to collect, grow and create different things, build more than 50 different buildings and turn your city from a small settlement into a lively and happy place. In order to increase productivity and produce flawless products, the user must upgrade the production buildings.

Harvest, grow, build – collect 14 different ingredients, from wood, stone and clay to metal ores, wild herbs and honey. Grows 17 different types of food, including feed, fish and game, as well as 10 food plants, each with its own characteristics. Produces 32 handmade products and materials in a multi-level economy. Build and Grow – Build 50 different buildings to transform your city from a young settlement to a vibrant city. Your city center and living quarters will change through many stages of development as your city grows in prosperity and attractiveness. Upgrade your production buildings to increase efficiency and ensure the production of high quality products. The Most Accurate Farming System Ever – Strategically select 10 crops with unique farming characteristics and modify your crop to maintain soil fertility, prevent heat and frost damage, and prevent disease buildup. Care for your fields over time, remove weeds and rocks, increase fertility, and adjust your soil mix to maximize your crops and feed your growing population.

Advanced city simulation – villagers actively live their lives and do their jobs in real time. Watch as villagers transport goods from remote jobs around the city to process them into materials and produce products. Look for products and items stored at home, by mail, or for later use. Develop roads, transport vehicles, and improve storage methods to facilitate the efficient transportation of goods in your city and prevent destruction. Randomly Generated Maps – The farthest frontier is very playable and no game will ever be the same with beautiful, fully randomized terrain and resource distribution. The controls allow the player to determine the required amount of water or mountains, and extreme maps lead to unique challenges. See for yourself when you decide to download Farthest Frontier torrent  for free.

From idyllic to brutal adjustment difficulties, players have the option to turn off features like invaders and disease for a more relaxed experience, or add complexity by testing their city planning skills. Interaction with the environment – develop your economy based on local resources and produce goods, buy what you lack. Put up fences to keep deer out of the field and bears out of food supplies. Maintain wood ceilings to prevent groundwater sources from drying out. Balance the need for land cleanup with natural resources vital to agriculture, such as wild medicinal plants and fodder. All those old diseases! Give residents clean water to prevent dysentery and cholera. Gather berries and plant vegetables to avoid scurvy and ensure a healthy diet. In the meantime, hurry Farthest Frontier download torrent  for free.

To reduce the chance of contracting tetanus, rabies, or frostbite, make sure villagers are properly anointed and dressed. Build a healer’s house to isolate the infected and give them herbs and medicines to heal. Manage rodent populations by scavenging, keeping food safe, and hiring rat catchers to prevent the dreaded bubonic plague. Fight Potential Invaders – Choose a pacifist game and avoid battles or battles of varying difficulty with bandits to increase your city’s survivability. Move the wooden palisades of the stone walls, build towers and barracks, hire and equip soldiers to defend the city as the growing wealth draws the attention of marauding bandits and foreign armies.

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Farthest Frontier Screenshots:


Farthest Frontier system requirements

  1. OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bits)
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5 2400s 2.5 GHz, AMD FX 6120 3.5 GHz
  3. RAM: 8 GB
  4. Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
  5. Disk space: 2.43 GB

Farthest Frontier Gameplay

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