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Download Gang Beasts Game For Pc Torrent

A unique animated game in the style of a fighting game with puppet characters will simply shock you with its unusual situations. As such, there is no plot in the game, but a hand-to-hand meat grinder is waiting for you. Why a meat grinder – you will understand by reading the review of this game to the very end. So, you get to the arena of battles, where, together with colorful little heroes, you will show all the skills of hand-to-hand combat. A game with humorous overtones, so you as a user are guaranteed to have a fun time in the game. Bandit clans are at war with each other in the game, and you have to choose your faction and desperately fight other little colorful fighters. You can download Gang Beasts Game via torrent right now from our free game server.


And now, as promised, about the plot of the game. All the events of the game take place in one small town, which is made from ordinary meat – beef. Yes, do not be surprised, you will play as an inexperienced fighter in a beef city who will try to stop the crime families. To do this, you need to enter the ring of battles. In the ring you will fight one on one with opponents, or you can try the cooperative mode, it will be easier and of course more fun. But not only in the ring, on the roofs of high-rise buildings, on ships, on trucks, you have to fight against criminal clans and bandits. There is plenty of humor in the game, and learning how to control your hero is easy and simple. Check out the gameplay of this funny, entertaining game.


Beef City is controlled by criminal gangs. The war will now begin if you, as a player, are able to properly train your colorful hero in all the tricks of hand-to-hand combat. Start training in the ring, so that later you can fight in the most unexpected locations. In the game Gang Beasts, which can be downloaded for free on our game portal, you will constantly monitor the achievements of your little heroes, but crime increases sharply with each level of the game, so it is best to play in a cooperative mode that allows you to join forces. Up to ten people can play at the same time. But the bandits are growing and growing, both in the literal and figurative sense of the word. But your fearless hero will be able to show his skills and deal with the bandits not only in the ring, but also on the truck, on the roof,

Interesting Facts

This is where you can download the latest version of Gang Beasts Game. Choose a little stupid colored fighter and pump it to the maximum. Even partners can be used, because the co-op mode has a special place in the game. For this you will receive even more additional bonus points. The gangs of beef city will fall after your interference!

Gang Beast Game Features

Throw the enemy off the roof. In the game, you will throw your opponents off the roofs of high-rise buildings, they will cling to you, but you will get rid of them very cleverly – for this, as always, bonuses and rewards.

Fight with everyone. Having taken to the streets of the beef city, you must attack everyone who gets in your way. Although your little colored character is a little clumsy, he can masterfully clean the face of any passer-by!

Unique locations. You will have to fight even on the Ferris wheel, and there you will get rivals, but it will not be difficult for you to throw them off from there.

Pixel graphics. Such graphics will allow you to get a lot of pleasure, because the size of your hero can change dramatically, depending on the location.

Beat how you want and how you want. Use your fists, legs, head, throw the enemy against the wall, even improvised means can be used in the game.

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