Download Gibbon: Beyond the Trees Game For Pc Torrent



Download Gibbon: Beyond the Trees Game For Pc Torrent

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees Game allows users to go to the green and dense jungle, where the gibbon family lives. Users will have to go through levels made in the form of a dynamic platformer, where they will have to jump over and overcome various obstacles in a forest or urban area, using vines and environmental objects to move. 

Monkeys will be able to cling to ledges, jump and swing on vines as they move forward on a 2D side view map. Gamers will be able to try out the “Liberation” mode or go through the story campaign, divided into several levels, where animals have to fight for their survival.

In the Gibbon: Beyond the Trees Game adventure game, players need to:

Move around locations using brachiation, relying on swinging and jumping over branches. It will come out to do somersaults, as well as to do other trick elements while moving.

Interact with other monkeys to fly as high as possible and cover long distances above the ground, trying to stay in the air all the time.

Explore and visit the wild thickets in Southeast Asia, as well as visit the urban settlements of local residents, making their way through the markets and people’s squares.

Enjoy 2D hand-drawn graphics that create a lamp travel atmosphere.

Familiarize yourself with global environmental issues during the story campaign, which brings up the topic of deforestation, climate change and the killing of animals.

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