Download Granny 2 Chapter Two Game For Pc Torrent



Download Granny 2 Chapter Two Game For Pc Torrent

This time your grandparents will send you to their house. Try to survive, try to get out of the house, but be careful and calm. But first you need to download Granny 2 Game via torrent on PC. Grandma hears everything as always.

 Grandpa hears weakly, but hits hard. If you drop something on the floor, your grandmother will hear it and start running. They can be hidden in closets or under beds. You have 5 days left.

Be extremely careful, hidden or constantly on the move and be incredibly quiet so your tired relatives don’t pay too much attention. Traveling with my grandmother has never been so dangerous. 

You can go out? Hide in closets, under beds and other items, move around the rooms, use cunning and ingenuity to support you. Atmospheric layout, easy controls, ghostly sounds and a sound track that gets harder as the enemy approaches, and breathtaking tests are all for you.

 You can download Granny Chapter Two Game torrent from the link below.

Features Granny 2 Chapter Two

Extremely atmospheric, whimsical graphics and musical accompaniment keeps you updated.

Be careful not to catch your grandparents.

Hide in a closet or under a bed.

Great puzzle game with horror elements

Lots of instructions.

On this page, using the button below, you can download Granny 2 Chapter Two Game via torrent for free.

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