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Download My Friend Pedro Game For Pc Torrent

Download My Friend Pedro Game For Pc Torrent

My Friend Pedro Game is an incredible, crazy, insane and very unusual action-adventure with a dash of platforming where you have to apply parkour and destroy all sorts of enemies in various ways. 

If you decide to download My Friend Pedro torrent on our game portal, you will take on the role of a cheerful banana hero who realized that the time has come to change his life. You can attack any opponent and even a passing person. Each time you will have a mission to complete. After completing the task, your strength will increase, which means that you must complete all the missions every time.


According to the storyline, you have to play for a very unusual hero, who is given orders to kill enemies by a crazy talking banana. You have to go through dozens of levels, destroy opponents by all available means, destroy key objects, blow up enemies, and do whatever you want. With all this, you can use the hero’s acrobatic skills and parkour.Features

One of the main features of My Friend Pedro Game is incredible acrobatics with a touch of parkour. In the game, you can jump on walls, do somersaults in the air, do somersaults, jump over the enemy, push off the walls and crush the heads of the opponents with all your might, and much more. 

It is worth noting that you have at your disposal the widest arsenal of weapons. These are machine guns that can be held in both hands at once, and guns, and pistols, and the like. In general, you will have something to have fun.

I also do not want to ignore one important point – as mentioned earlier, the combat system is based on acrobatic stunts. So, every time you perform another trick at the time of the kill, your character receives bonus experience points, which you can later spend on pumping the hero or buying weapons.

Deceleration function

In addition to all of the above, the toy has a slowdown function, thanks to which, during quick acrobatic stunts, you can destroy opponents in batches. Shoot back during somersaults, blow up opponents by jumping from the upper floors on their heads, shoot at enemies during somersaults and falls. In short, everything is possible here! Enjoy your game!

On this page, by clicking the button below, you can download My Friend Pedro Game via torrent for free.


My Friend Pedro system requirements
OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: Intel Core™ Duo or faster
Disk space: 3.6 GB


Download My Friend Pedro Game For Pc Torrent





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