Download Oddworld Soulstorm Game For Pc Torrent



Download Oddworld Soulstorm Game For Pc Torrent

Abe. Surely you remember from the previous version of an eccentric character with a funny appearance. He was able to save his relatives. All the heroes almost became food at the meat products factory. And in the new part of the game, your main character, along with his companions, settled in one desert area. The territory is very hot and now your hero Abe should think about how to feed his comrades. A new journey of the eccentric begins.


You successfully managed to escape from the factory, and now you are in a hot desert. Three hundred hungry souls your main character will have to feed. But here’s the problem – in the desert there are no edible products. But one fine moment you find an unusual drink. 

It would seem that now all problems are solved. After drinking a drink, all characters become full. But somehow such a drink completely changes the minds of all the characters. And now your hero, along with his comrades, finds himself in a very difficult situation. 

Now all your relatives behave aggressively, and in such a situation they are ready to attack everyone, including the main character of the game. You need to be smart again and save the violent relatives. The mission is difficult for Abe.


During the game, you will constantly control the situation, because the level of aggression of your companions is constantly increasing. They don’t control themselves. You will begin to look for new useful items in the desert in order to somehow secure your main character. 

In the game Oddworld Soulstorm, which can be downloaded torrent on our website for free, you will solve complex puzzles and constantly look for ways out of various situations. But your hero has already saved his comrades-in-arms, and this time he will become a savior.

Once again, your main character will save his comrades. Three hundred distraught Kindred are completely out of control. And now your mission is complicated by the fact that you must now fight against your comrades in this colorful game!

Features Oddworld Soulstorm

Drink. You must prevent your tribesmen from finding such a drink. After all, it increases the level of rage, and this cannot be allowed.

Abe. Now your hero has new game characteristics and qualities. He will be able to solve all the problems and still get additional game points.

Graphic arts. This arcade game features vibrant graphics options thanks to an updated game engine.

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