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An adventure RPG from famous developers tells the story of a certain wanderer and traveler who roams the open world to explore the territory, craft, survive and build shelters and dwellings for himself. Your goal is to find as many artifacts and valuable resources as possible on your journey. But your path will be difficult and dangerous, because in colorful locations you will meet monsters and monsters that you will need to fight.

 Of course, it will be possible to use weapons, such as a sword, and cut down desperate monsters on your way. But it will also be possible to apply magic and sorcery, which are also present in the game Outward, the torrent of which can be downloaded for free on our video game website. 

Your equipment is quite impressive. You can also use spells during the game, to increase the defensive and offensive abilities of your gaming equipment. The game has the ability to fight monsters in desert locations. But here you need to use as many weapons as possible, because it will be difficult to hide and hide in the desert. You will naturally be credited with game bonuses for your victories over such vicious enemies! Take your wanderer through difficult game areas.

There are three main Vital attributes in Outward Game – health, stamina, and mana – which reflect the player’s current state. The player also has needs as well as other statistics. All this can be affected by the player’s equipment, his skills and the environment itself. The player is limited in the number of items they can carry in their inventory and must choose which items to take and which to leave.

Choices in Outward Game are meaningful and permanent. A lot depends on a lot of choices, such as which faction the player joins. Every decision in Outward Game can have lasting and far-reaching consequences. Decisions are permanent and players will need to make multiple characters if they want to experience all possible outcomes. If you like this game, then we suggest you download the Outward Game torrent .

The magic in the game is ritualistic and elaborate. In order to use magic, players must first unlock Mana, players must first travel to the center of Conflux Mountain and permanently sacrifice some of their maximum health and stamina. There are many mechanics in the world itself that affect the player’s experience. The ambient temperature will make the player hot or cold, which can lead to debuffs or sickness. It can even be rain and snow, which have their own effects.

Time plays an important role in the behavior of many game systems. One day of game time – 1 hour of real life. One hour of playing time is 2 minutes 30 seconds. Several quests must be completed before a certain number of in-game days have passed. Some quests will give you explicit time requirements (such as the 5-day limit in Call To Adventure), others will give you more implicit requirements that can result in multiple quest outcomes. In both cases, the quest log does not keep track of when the quest was given to you, so the player can manage their own time. Interested in the game? Then you can download Outward Game torrent, on our website absolutely free.

Enemy spawn behavior in Chersonese has been reduced, and traveling between regions will move time forward by 2 or 3 days depending on the regions you are departing/arriving from. After completing faction quests, NPCs will tell you to talk to them again after 3 in-game days.

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Outward system requirements
OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core i5-750 or equivalent
Video Card: Nvidia GTS 450 or equivalent
Disk space: 15 GB


Download Outward Game For Pc Torrent




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