Download Police Shootout Game For Pc Torrent



Download Police Shootout Game For Pc Torrent

Police Shootout Game gives you the opportunity to feel like an American cop. This is a police simulator with a first-person view. In addition, the project has elements of a text quest. The game often pauses, allowing the user to choose one of the 3-4 available actions in the menu. The options themselves vary depending on the specific situation. The indie project has blood and violence.

The gameplay is based on decision making in emergency situations. In Police Shootout Game, the user is always transferred to the most interesting episodes of police operations, skipping all the prologues. For example: at the moment of the robbery of the store, when the guards have already arrived at the call and are now negotiating with the criminals. The incidents themselves are based on real incidents.

The player’s task is to neutralize the suspects and rescue the hostages. During a conversation with violators, the user selects lines in the dialog box, trying to negotiate peacefully. If the conversation ends in failure, then a shootout begins. You can turn on slow time to dodge enemy bullets. It is also possible to enter a special aiming mode. It resembles an analog from the third Fallout: everything around freezes, and the user chooses which part of the body of a particular enemy to fire on. You can aim at the head, torso, legs and arms. If you shoot a limb, then the enemy may fall and drop the weapon. However, not all adversaries give up. Some prefer to go all the way.

Sometimes a gamer is accompanied by a virtual partner. You can share ammo with him, give him your gun, and even call an ambulance if he gets shot. Badges are awarded for successful completion of tasks. With enough of them, they give an increase, which opens up access to new missions.

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