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Predator Hunting Grounds Game is a new shooter set in remote areas of our planet. Here the predator is trying to catch the most difficult and dangerous prey.

 In the game, you will become one of the members of the Fireteam team and take part in one major military operation. We hope it ends well for you before the Predator finds you. But not only a warrior, you can visit the new game about the Predator. You can also play as the Predator himself. To hunt your prey, you can use a bunch of alien technology, changing them one ha another.

 Due to the great advantage over ordinary people, you in the role of the Predator will be able to choose a worthy target for yourself. After catching another prey, you can keep the trophy for yourself and show off your trophy collection to other players. Long missed the games about the Predator? Then hurry up to download Predator Hunting Grounds Game torrent on PC using one of the links below.

Become a real Predator

As you understand, the Predator has one mission – to clear the jungle from nasty warriors. So choose the strongest warriors, set your goals and go hunting. The tokens of your victims will be displayed as a trophy of your successful hunt. Don’t let your prey escape. Once you start hunting, there is no turning back.

Weapons and equipment

One of the Predator’s main weapons is its camouflage. It completely wraps around his body and makes him completely invisible. It reflects light from the environment and leaves it invisible until it is ready to strike.

Another cool Predator weapon is the Plasma Cannon, which fires plasma projectiles. Such projectiles penetrate armor, so the enemy has no chance.

Blade-sharp wrist klinas can be used for close combat. It is especially convenient to use them when the Predator quietly crept up to the victim and inflicts a fatal blow. For a silent kill, that’s it.

Another handy item in the Predator’s arsenal is the Combistick. This is a kind of stick when folded, but in battle it can be lengthened and it becomes a spear. When you don’t need it, you can simply fold it back. Very handy and compact weapon. And most importantly, it can be used both in close combat and at a distance.

One of the smallest weapons is the Smart Disk or Smart Disk. He was called smart because when he is thrown, he uses a targeting system that locks on to multiple targets at once. You can throw it once, and there will be fewer enemies by several heads at once. This is a very dangerous thing. And most importantly, the disk is returned back to the hands of the owner.

Another ranged weapon is the Bow. Initially, this is a fairly compact and light weapon. But if its power is not enough to reach the target, then it can be improved by adding components. Then the bow becomes more bulky, but its range and accuracy increase.

 If you are already itching to try out all these weapons, then you just have to download the Predator Hunting Grounds Game torrent using the buttons below.

Classes and customization

There are several classes of Predators in the game and they can be customized to your liking. Let’s analyze the classes and see how they differ from each other. And so, the first class is the Scout or Scout class. This class of predators is very fast, agile and hardy. They are very good with ranged weapons. The main advantage is speed, endurance, quick energy recovery, the ability to jump further than other classes. The scout class has less health in stock. Therefore, it loses a lot in close combat and cannot carry a large amount of heavy equipment for a long time.

Hunter class. Hunters are universal soldiers in which everything is balanced. They have medium energy, speed, stamina, recovery rate, melee strength, and overall strength. Very good in almost all cases, but at the average level and in some aspects loses to more specialized classes.

The Berserker class is the most powerful and powerful class. These are healthy bulls, which are even visually larger than other classes. They have the largest amount of health and energy, the highest damage from weapon strikes, especially in close combat. Due to the large mass, they have great strength, but lose a lot in speed. Endurance and energy recharge rate also leaves much to be desired. They are also not very good with ranged weapons. If you want to download Predator 2020 torrent, then do it right now.

Missions and maps

If you are an army fighter, then the best thing for you can be to become a fighter of the elite Fireteam squad. Many interesting and challenging missions are waiting for you. But you must fulfill them at all costs and return home. Be smart and work together as a team. And remember – the most important thing is to get to the helicopter. At the same time, do not forget that while you are hunting enemies, someone is hunting you.

You have to carry out military operations in the dangerous jungles of South America. At the same time, you need to remain invisible. You will fight against well-armed enemy forces. You are waiting for such missions as the destruction of a particularly dangerous drug lord, remove all links with local bases in the global network.

For your soldier, as well as for the Predator, a large number of options are available. Using them, you can determine the style of play of your soldier. He can be fast, or strong, or something in between. For soldiers, there are also classes such as scouts and attack aircraft. At the very beginning, you have to choose a class, and only then, with the help of various options, weapons and equipment, you can customize the fighter for yourself.

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Predator Hunting Grounds system requirements
OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-6400 / AMD FX-8320
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 960 / AMD R9 280x
Disk space: 18 GB


Download Predator Hunting Grounds Game For Pc Torrent


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