Download Pubg Game For Pc Torrent



Download Pubg Game For Pc Torrent

 Well, we are pleased to present you an amazing project from the developers of Bluehole, Inc, which is called PUBG Game. 

All of you know that survival simulators have always been in great demand among gamers, so in order to slightly brighten up all your expectations, we recommend that you simply plunge into completely new adventures of a similar format.

 An amazing game project called PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS or PUBG invites you to go to an amazing universe where you have to play a survival game. However, do not worry about long development, constant crafting and other unpleasant things, because they will no longer bother you. The thing is that the presented project is the heir to the world-famous Hunger Games entertainment and offers a similar gameplay.


Before you is an amazing, tactical shooter in which you have to control the main character and destroy all those who catch your eye. The main rule of the game is very simple, you just have to destroy everyone and be the only survivor.

 In order to attack opponents (by the way, there are not so many of them, but everyone can shoot in the back), you need to get a weapon. It is advisable to have two types of weapons – one for close combat, such as a shotgun or pistol, and the second for long-range shooting, an assault or sniper rifle. 

Among other things, you will not interfere with a protective helmet, body armor, a backpack with useful items, stocks of ammo and food, and medicines. You can find all this, as well as transport and much more in a vast territory. You just need to look at the map and choose the direction you need. You should also not linger for a long time at the objects, otherwise you may be shot. 

Well, are you ready to plunge into the incredible atmosphere of the game project? Then we recommend that you download the PUBG Game torrent on our game portal.

Game process

In PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS or PUBG you need to take personal control of the main character and try to achieve success by any means. However, do not rush, because you will have to start the confrontation without weapons at all. You have to quickly scatter around the map and try to find weapons for yourself. 

After that, it is worth finding shelter and many other resources for further action. Your main task is to destroy everyone on the map except you. You can use absolutely any methods, most importantly, achieve the main task and get out of the situation as a winner. However, do not rush too much, because the game project is designed for a multiplayer adventure.

The game has already been tested and right now you have the opportunity to download PUBG Game via torrent on our video game website.


PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is a shooter where only the last player standing can win. At the very beginning, you need to get weapons and supplies in order to fight for the first place and become the last hero. The battle in this realistic high voltage game takes place on the huge 8×8 km post-Soviet Black Sea island of Yerangel. The game project is created on Unreal Engine 4 with constant help and support from our players.

PLAYERUNKNOWN, also known as Brendan Green, is the pioneer of the battle royale genre. As the developer of the Battle Royale game mode on the ARMA series and H1Z1: King of the Kill, Greene is building a game project with a team of veterans at Bluehole to create the most diverse and explosive Battle Royale to date.

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1. Copy the content to your Steam client folder at “..SteamSteamAppsCommonPUBG”.

2. Copy the contents of the Steam folder to your client folder.

3. Play.

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