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Released : June 2022

Genre : Action, Platformer, Metroidvania

Developer : Robson Paiva

Publisher : Top Hat Studios

Image format : .NSZ (~396% compressed, 0.19 GB installed)

Game Version : 1.0.1

Interface language : Russian, English [RUS / ENG / Multi 9]

Voice acting : not voiced

Performance tested : Yes (on 14.1.2, Atmosphere 1.3.2)

Multiplayer : no

Age rating : 16+

Description : Gloomy metroidvania, casting loneliness, REDO! tells the story of a girl who is trying to figure out what is left in a dystopian world ruled by biorobots.

The game’s mysterious story takes place in a dark, dying city where everything is interconnected and the narrative is presented in a non-linear and open format. Combat requires method: to defeat the strongest opponents, the player must find ways to make them less dangerous and more vulnerable, while remembering to fight furiously in order to deplete their health as soon as possible.

To survive after the fall of human civilization, the player has access to various items and weapons: from energy blades and police shields to rocket launchers. The sophisticated biorobots that inhabit the lonely world of REDO! can breathe fire, electrify the air and spit plasma. In order to survive, every item and tool available to you will come in handy.

A deep and mysterious world left behind by the last representatives of humanity.

Huge metropolis without borders and a dying world to explore.

Brutal gameplay in the style of Dark Souls, which emphasizes the balance of mortality and endurance.

More than a dozen types of terrifying and sophisticated opponents.

A variety of weapons and items, each of which has its own use..


Download Redo Torrent [Switch]



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