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Download Dodgeball Academia PS4 Pkg Torrent,Dodgeball Academia is a vibrant and action-packed sports RPG that brings the classic game of dodgeball to the PlayStation 4. Developed by Pocket Trap and published by Humble Games, the game offers a unique blend of fast-paced gameplay, quirky characters, and RPG elements.

At its core, Dodgeball Academia is a dodgeball game. Players control a team of characters and navigate through a series of matches against opponents. The gameplay is simple yet addictive, with players using a variety of throws, dodges, and special abilities to outplay their adversaries.

Dodgeball Academia features a cast of quirky and memorable characters, each with their own unique abilities and personalities. Players take on the role of Otto, a young and aspiring dodgeball player, as he joins the prestigious Dodgeball Academia to pursue his dream of becoming a champion.

Throughout the game, Otto and his friends encounter a colorful array of characters, including the eccentric and enigmatic coach, the arrogant rival team captain, and the mysterious masked figure who seems to be pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Dodgeball Academia incorporates RPG elements to enhance the gameplay experience. Players can level up their characters, unlock new abilities, and customize their team with a variety of equipment and accessories.

As they progress through the game, players will encounter various challenges and side quests that reward them with experience points, items, and new abilities. These RPG elements add depth and replayability to the game, encouraging players to experiment with different strategies and team compositions.

In addition to the single-player campaign, Dodgeball Academia offers a robust competitive multiplayer mode. Players can compete against each other locally or online in various game modes, including standard matches, team deathmatch, and capture the flag.

The multiplayer matches are highly competitive and offer a great opportunity for players to test their skills against other players. With a variety of maps and characters to choose from, the multiplayer mode provides endless hours of replayability.

Dodgeball Academia boasts vibrant and colorful 2D graphics that bring the characters and environments to life. The game’s art style is unique and eye-catching, creating a memorable and immersive experience.

The soundtrack is equally impressive, featuring a catchy mix of upbeat tunes and dramatic orchestral pieces that complement the gameplay perfectly. The voice acting is also top-notch, with each character delivering memorable and humorous lines.

Dodgeball Academia is a charming and addictive sports RPG that combines fast-paced gameplay, quirky characters, and RPG elements. The game’s unique art style, catchy soundtrack, and robust multiplayer mode make it a standout title in the PlayStation 4 library. Whether you’re a seasoned dodgeball enthusiast or simply looking for a fun and competitive experience, Dodgeball Academia is the perfect game for you.

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About Dodgeball Academia PS4 Pkg

Year of release: 2021
Distribution type: PS4
Genre: Action RPG, Sport
Developer: Pocket Trap
Publisher: Humble Games
Disc code: CUSA27738
Game region: EUR
Multiplayer: 2x
Game version: 1.04
Minimum firmware version: 8.00 (backport for 5.05 / 6.72 / 7.02 / 7.55)
Compatibility verified by the releaser: Yes (FW 5.05, GoldHen 2.4b16.2)
Interface language: Russian, English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Portuguese, French, Japanese
Voice language: No voiceover
Translation: Text
Age rating: E – Everyone

Download Dodgeball Academia PS4 Pkg




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